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12 December 2017

Using Color in Your Website and Marketing

12 December 2017, Comments 0

  Understanding the Psychology of Color as It Applies to Your Marketing Color has a tremendous effect on the actions of your webpage visitors, […]

6 December 2017

Failure to Follow-Up on Leads

6 December 2017, Comments 0

  Failure to Follow-Up on Leads Common Mistake: After you go through all the work of creating a marketing plan, hopefully you end up […]

14 August 2015

Maximize Your Title Agency Marketing By Widening Your Inner Circle (Part I)

14 August 2015, Comments 0

In previous articles we have discussed your marketplace and the individuals in it. We said that your marketing must help those individuals to get […]

7 August 2015

Title Company Marketing: Goals – Strategy – Success

7 August 2015, Comments 0

Everyone – Sellers, Buyers, Realtors, Title Agents – we all set goals. The Home Seller’s goal (just to take a simple example) is to […]

31 July 2015

Successful Title Company Marketing Automation

31 July 2015, Comments 0

General ‘The Bear’ Schwarzkopf once said “Shined shoes save lives.” What he meant by that was if you are disciplined and you carry out […]

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