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Title Marketing - How to Stand Out From the Rest

3 July 2018
3 July 2018, Comments Comments Off on Title Marketing – How to Stand Out From the Rest

Title marketing is as necessary as properly doing the research on the title of the property and providing title insurance. While you know that your company does it better, how does the seller or the mortgage company pick your company out from all the others? “Because of their unique role in the real estate business, title companies can market effectively both to business associates and direct to consumers.” 

But, marketing is not something at which everyone can excel. When you are trying to develop your professional relationships from which the majority of your referrals come, or writing articles and essays for professional journals to increase your exposure, or, as is vital in today’s world, trying to develop a professional website that shows your expertise, professionalism, and experience, you are not focusing on your company’s true field of expertise in title research and experience.

Who can help you with this? Title Marketing That Works (TMTW) is a company that provides one-on-one consulting to become your “outsourced” marketing director. We will help you develop your strategic marketing plan through in-depth market research in your target markets and then assist you to produce a tactical marketing plan to ensure your company is “top of the mind” when title searches are needed. The proper implementation of the tactical marketing plan is crucial and we will carefully step you through it. And, of course we will help you develop an excellent website!

We use Infusionsoft in the marketing campaigns to target current customers and nurture future prospects for expansion. We give you a minimum 6-month exclusive geographic commitment and meet with you regularly for updates and to tweak the plans for better success. This is Title Marketing That Works – contact us today to ensure your tomorrows!

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