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Succeed With Your Title Company Marketing Automation

9 April 2018
9 April 2018, Comments Comments Off on Succeed With Your Title Company Marketing Automation


Your role is to complete the property sale or title transfer. And your goal is to grow your business.

As a professional in your field you are an expert at settlement work so you know exactly how to fulfill your role. But many people are less expert at sales and marketing. To meet your goal of growing the business you must put in place effective Title Company Marketing Automation with Infusionsoft.

You probably have a traditional marketing process in place now – you personally meet with, support, advise and network with your clients and prospective clients – primarily real estate agents, attorneys, mortgage lenders, bankers and members of the public who want to buy, sell or simply transfer title in property.

To sell successfully a prospective client must know you, like and value you, then trust you enough to give you their greatest asset – their own client or, if a member of the public, their own property. This process is not instant and that is why so many fail to manage it as effectively as they should. Marketing is seen as essential but often treated as secondary just because it is time-consuming and not really where your expertise lies.

The secret is to automate your marketing. The average prospective client gets to know, like, value and trust someone after about seven contacts. In marketing these contacts are called touches. The average settlement officer fails to follow up with a prospect after the first touch. They know they are likely to meet that person again at the next association event and so after about a year they think they will have made their seven touches.

The more sales-oriented will intentionally take a follow-up action after the first touch. They will send a note, visit the prospect to drop off leaflets or talk at an office meeting. But about 80% of those give up on their marketing to the prospect after about three touches. And the reason is simple – it takes time and effort. Time and effort which takes them away from actually doing settlement work.

And that is why the secret to successful marketing is to automate those touches.

When you use the right automated marketing system – Infusionsoft for Title Companies – as part of an overall business-building strategy those touches become regular, timely, useful to the prospect, easy and time-efficient.

If you would like to discuss how your business can build an effective strategy and make best use of an automated marketed system please contact us

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