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10 Ways to Make the Most of Title Company Social Media Marketing

17 April 2018
17 April 2018, Comments Comments Off on 10 Ways to Make the Most of Title Company Social Media Marketing


In an effort to bring in more clients, you have been exploring title company social media marketing, but you find it all a bit overwhelming. Everyone is talking about how easy it is to generate leads using social media, but no one is really clear on exactly how it’s done… Here are some tips straight from the social media pros that will help you make the most of your social media marketing:

1. Facebook offers. Use Facebook offers to create quality leads. Facebook offers are different from a regular ad, in that they can easily be created directly from your Facebook page. Facebook offers are promoted in the news feed, can be hyper-targeted to ensure exposure to your target audience, and are sent to personal email boxes when a user clicks on the offer.

2. Engage with email subscribers. Using social media to build a lasting relationship with subscribers is just as important as using it to get new leads. Once you have someone’s attention, you want to keep it, right? That requires a bit of work, and one easy way to do this is to use your list of email subscribers. It would be impossible to send each email subscriber a personalized message every day, but you can connect with them by using social media. Create an email in your autoresponder inviting new subscribers to follow you on various social media networks-be sure to include a captivating message on why they should follow you. Include promotions, contests, and any information that is exclusive to your social media channel.

3. Create company page on LinkedIn. Although many business owners and executives may have personal profiles on LinkedIn, they may not have created a company profile. A company profile is a great way to reach potential clients while keeping personal information private. A LinkedIn company page allows you to target your different audiences with messages designed specifically for them. For example, if your target audiences consist of both medical and financial industries, you can create customized messages that will appear when each different industry visits your company page. LinkedIn also allows for the creation of “click-through” banners, videos, documents, and pictures.

4. Understand the “five big approaches”. There are different approaches to social media marketing, and each approach results in a different outcome. It is important to identify your company’s desired outcome, so that you can use the right approach to achieve it. The five approaches go something like this:

Maintaining your brand-maintaining your company’s brand does not require much in-depth work, simply monitoring social media channels, responding to questions when necessary, and posting a message once in a while.

Building a community-building a community is more immersive than simple brand maintenance. To build your community, you must reach out and find your customers, potential clients, and peers that will share and respond to your company’s message.

Outreach-reaching out to influential people who share your passion and can help create stimulating information that will engage followers.
Build your reputation-This approach consists of developing, maintaining, or fixing your reputation to make your company trustworthy among customers and potential clients.

Go big-Creating big, attention-grabbing marketing campaigns that will bring a lot of attention at once. Keep in mind that this sudden surge of attention will not last with a creative campaign alone-you must put in continuous work to keep their attention.

5. Answer consumer’s questions. Chances are, your social network community poses a lot of questions regarding your product or service, or the industry in general. Take these questions seriously. These questions can help you build a strong, knowledgeable website that consumers and potential clients find very helpful. Take the time to research and answer these questions, and make your website a wealth of knowledge regarding your company and industry. People are impatient when searching for answers online–if they stumble upon your website, and it can answer all of their questions, you will have loyal followers visiting again and again.

6. Ask questions. Posing questions to your community on social networks is a proven conversation starter. People are dying to share their opinions, thoughts, and experiences, but sometimes they need an opening. Asking questions will engage your audience and provide valuable feedback for your company. You will learn about your audience while forging a stronger connection.

7. Virtually connect. Take advantage of social media networks that allow you to meet potential clients face-to-face. Use Skype or similar video media to share ideas and allow potential clients to understand your company’s purpose. It’s also a great idea to connect with your peers in person–try attending a social media marketing conference. These conferences offer innovative approaches and endless information that could prove beneficial for your marketing strategy.

8. Secure your handle. Create a handle that properly represents your company, and be sure to use that same handle consistently across different social networks. Setting up a different handle for different channels will create confusion and result in a loss of potential followers and clients. Your company should be as easy to find and follow as possible.

9. Consistency and efficiency. Plan a digital marketing system that focuses on consistency and efficiency. Being consistent means getting your message to your target audience over and over in order to stay at the top of their mind. If your messaging offers valuable information, consistent marketing will build loyalty among your clients. Creating an efficient marketing schedule will save you time and money. Stephanie Sammons, founder and CEO of Wired Advisor, suggests dedicating time to your marketing system in the following way:

Creating unique content for your blog

Creating quality content to share with your community on social networks

Ask and respond to questions on social networks

Promote others

Analyze feedback to determine where improvements need to be made, in order to grow your network and community

10. Find your voice-with a blog. A blog is the perfect place to give your company a “voice”. According to Neal Schaffer, president of Windmills Marketing, successful blogging consists of creating “shareable” content and content strategy that is consistent with your marketing goals. Blogging boosts search engine optimization, which results in more potential clients being driven to your website.

Social media marketing can help grow your business exponentially, and can lead to new business connections that you might not otherwise make. Please feel free to contact us for further information regarding social media marketing.

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