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Title Marketing Services

These title company marketing tools can help you grow your business.

Title Company Marketing Services






  Create Gmail account for marketing management. X X X  
  Set-up Google+/Places local business page. X X X  
  Create Linkedin profile (if necessary). X X X  
  Create Facebook page with lead capture, contests, other business driving apps. X X X  
  Create Twitter feed with custom background. X X X  
  Create YouTube channel and one video a month X X X  
  Create HootSuite account to manage social media. Account automatically feeds one social media post to your Facebook, Google+, Linkedin, and Twitter account. X X X  
  Seven social media posts per week. X X X  
  Set-up Google Adwords account. Determine key search terms. Manage weekly. X X    
  Set-up and manage Google Analytics account for Web sites X X    
  Manage bi-monthly Constant Contact email to clients and prospects. (Up to 500 contacts) X X    
  Two 300 word blog posts per month – topics determined by client X      
  Create one direct mail postcard per month (design, printing and mailing extra) X      
  One Landing Page for Search X      
  Staff training on all tools. X X X  
  Set-up – First Month Cost $1,200 $1000 $500  
  Monthly Cost $1000 $800 $400  
  Additional Services        
  Infusionsoft – The All-in-One Sales and Marketing Automation System for Small Businesses Set-up: $1000-$3000, $99-$299 a month  
  Additional 10X10X4 complete video series for YouTube SEO – includes 10 frequently asked questions videos, 10 should ask question videos, and four others – shot within 3 months of purchase – distribute on YouTube 2 per week. $2500. 5X5X4 – $1500. extra extra extra  
  Individual YouTube videos – 2 minimum – $250, then $125 per video. $500 minimum for on location shooting. extra extra extra  
  Bi-Weekly blog posts – $100 a month and up depending on topic extra extra Included  
  Hosted Landing Page for Search – $300, 5 or more $200 each extra extra Included  
  WordPress Web site and blog – $1500 for basic 8 page site with user supplied content. Includes Google SEO, Backup-Buddy, Plug-ins. Easy content management with high SEO capabilities. The best choice for a small business Web site. extra extra extra  
  Constant Contact Email Marketing – free set-up and month fee to Constant Contact Included Included starts at $15/month  
  Reputation  Management – set-up review web site and send customers to site to write reviews – provide collateral for reviews    $300/month    
  Text Message Marketing – One Keyword and 1000 text messages a month $250 set-up and $29/month  
  Mobile App – iPhone, Android, HTML 5  Mobile App with customization $1500 to build app and $99/month