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5 February 2015
5 February 2015, Comments Comments Off on 2015 Facebook Marketing Success


I found this infographic about Facebook Marketing Success for 2015 and I thought I would share it with you. Facebook advertising is great, but it’s going to cost you money. You can target exactly who you’re looking for as your target market on Facebook, so there’s no question that Facebook still remains an important element in your social media marketing.

Today, there’s a million and a third people using Facebook on a regular basis. Sixty-six percent of all iPhone social sharing takes place on Facebook, and then 67% of all U.S. internet users are on Facebook. So, as a marketer you almost have to be there. I tell people, sometimes they might be better off on Linkedin but certainly almost always Facebook is going to be the place for you to go. Understand that right now the newsfeed is already a competitive place. As more people and pages are posting content, competition increases. Pages that post promotional creative should expect their organic distribution to fall significantly over time.

So I think that this is really important if you’re putting promotional stuff on your Facebook business page your organic distribution is going to fall. And where you’re going to have to make that up is in Facebook advertising. Understand that Facebook calculates affinity, the closeness of a page by monitoring the interaction of its users. This calculation is based on the strength of action, you know, liking a post isn’t going to be as strong as sharing a post. Closeness of the relationship to the action taker, and then the time elapsed since the action was taken. So understand there are calculations of what’s going to show up from your Facebook page to one of the people who liked your page’s newsfeed effects that.

And content matters. Photos or videos get 39% more engagement, that’s why I’m doing these videos. Frequent engagement matters now, you know, it’s almost important now to post daily on your Facebook page. And there are content curation systems that make it easier that you can post daily on your Facebook pages. And then deeper engagement matters, value comments and shares over likes like I was discussing before. We all know the end in like gaining where you had to like your page to see a particular type of content. We can’t do that anymore and that’s okay. One of the things we’ve seen recently is the adoption of social logins, where you can use your Facebook login or Twitter login, or whatever else it might be, to log in to other areas. And it’s probably not something that most of us are considering at this time, but if you had a membership site you can certainly consider it.

But the key thing that I want people to get from this video is Facebook is not only the dominant force in mobile users with 1.2 million active in 2014, but the social network also accounts for a third of all data used on mobile phones, so that’s where your data bills are going is from Facebook. And you need to think about Facebook ads, and Facebook has a robust mobile ad platform that you can use as well. And Facebook’s acquisition of LiveRail, a leading monetization platform for video advertisers, only confirms Facebook’s commitment to video advertising going forward. So you’re gonna be advertising on Facebook and getting on the newsfeed, and then you’re going to be using videos as well to do that. And we always post now, I think we’re going to start posting our videos to Facebook, YouTube and Wistia, because we’re getting some activity on Wistia, and that’s probably a topic for another video.

So the cool thing about Facebook ads is you can really target who you’re going after, and as they say here, 59% of marketers are planning to increase their spend on Facebook advertising. So you can get in there and you can customize the market that you want to go after very tightly. I actually have a client, a Facebook client, I was looking at the targeting that we had done and for a recent ad that we’d done, this is for a bar and pub and that sort of thing, and we found that we targeted if people in the area that they were in who liked particular beer brands and liquor brands, and we got better response from people who liked liquor brands than beer brands. And I don’t know what that means but it’s interesting that you can even find that out. You can also upload an email list from your business, lets say your business has an email list of a couple thousand people, upload that email list and not only can you market to those people on Facebook, but you can find look-alike markets.

And then the other cool thing on Facebook just like Google, retargeting. And retargeting is when you go to a website and then you go to another website and you see ads for the website that you were just on. Great, great way, increases your responses 30-40%.

So those are the things that you should think about, and here’s kind of what they’re talking about coming forward for 2015, Facebook will become an even bigger part of the e-commerce momentum, they’re the dominant network in social traffic and sales, and Facebook will be testing a “buy” button so you’ll have products showing up in your newsfeed, something to think about. Heavier focus on reaching current customers and fans, so brands are leaning more heavily on things like retargeting, so somebody’s on your Facebook page or they click on your Facebook ad, and then they go to another website, and then there’s an ad for the product there. Facebook users are even more in control so you know they have a delicate balancing act where they have to go between advertisers and the people who you’re targeting, and they don’t want to annoy the people you’re targeting, because maybe they’ll leave Facebook and go somewhere else. And then mobile payments as well for restaurants and places like that, another great thing.

I hope you’re able to get something out of this presentation to help with your Facebook marketing success. As always if you need any help with your social media marketing, just give me a call. I’m Chris Ripley, number is 301-638-4755. Thank you!

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