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3 Things Businesses Forget When Marketing Their Title Company

27 March 2018
27 March 2018, Comments Comments Off on 3 Things Businesses Forget When Marketing Their Title Company

If you were to take a moment and browse through a couple of title company websites – if you can find them in the search engine – you are sure to see common mistakes they all make.

For instance, they all spend too much money building their website, but not enough time marketing it. Why invest hundreds, potentially, thousands in a site that can’t be found?

If someone does happen to miraculously discover one of these sites, they forget to collect their information, and miss a potential sale. Here are a list of common mistakes you might make when marketing your title company website and how to fix them.

Forget To Collect Information

Very few businesses just starting in the online market add lead capture pages to their sites. This tactic is critical because very few people may actually need your service upon their first visit. However, if you offer them something free like a discount, e-book, or special deal, you can get their information in exchange, and use it to follow up on leads.

Once you get your own lead capture page working and collecting information, you’ll realize the incredible benefits it brings. Add a autoresponder in the mix to automate the welcome process and turn those leads into conversions.

Forget to Add Their Geographical Location

One huge error that many websites make, regardless of their age, is forgetting to add their geographical location to their website. If you’re working in the real estate industry, chances are users want to do thorough research before they make any commitments.

If that’s the case, it is incredibly important to add your location that way if a person searches for real estate in their city, they’ll find your website. Without that geographical location, you’ll miss out on people who search locally.

Underestimate the Power of A Video

If a picture says a thousand words, a video says 10,000. While having written information is necessary, a good video about your business will make your marketing better.

In fact, it’s a little secret of marketers to use videos because they rank faster and higher in the search engines. Not only this, your video can be shared on other sites outside your own such as DailyMotion or YouTube.

Any users that happen to watch your video might go to your website, where you can capture their email and stay in touch.

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