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13 February 2018
13 February 2018, Comments Comments Off on 5 Tips for Winning with Facebook Ads

In the world of paid advertising Facebook Ads are becoming the number one tool for marketers looking to get their offers and content in front of vast audiences for a reasonable price. When compared with other pay per click platforms, such as Google Adwords, Facebook Ads are a Godsend, providing you with a powerful tool at your disposal.

It’s possible to precisely target a huge number of people you may never before have had access to in just a few minutes, and with a message targeted right to them. There are some best practices you need to be aware of to get the most for your advertising buck, and we’ll get you started off down the road to profitability with these 5 tips for using Facebook Ads.

5 Best Practices for Your Facebook Ads

Master precise targeting – Facebook has been the industry leader with regards to making it possible to precisely target your advertising audience. Using tools like Audience Insights directly integrated into your advertising platform, you can direct your ads to niches as small and specific as you desire. This is the single most important skill to master in Facebook advertising.

Utilize only the Mobile and Desktop ads – Right side ads have their place but are trickier to try and get a positive return on your investment. Besides, newsfeed ads and mobile are the place to be, as more than fifty percent of all Facebook traffic originates on a mobile device.

Use Dayparting and segment your ads – Taking advantage of the dayparting feature in Facebook, where you can ensure that your ads are only shown at times most advantageous to your audience, only makes sense. Also, be sure to segment your audiences for easy re-use later on.

Don’t use tired creative – Use vivid and compelling images for your ads. This can take a bit of time, but the right images will sell you ad far better than any words. And please don’t use images that have been used over and over.

Investigate lookalike audiences – Facebook’s ability to create a “lookalike” audience based upon your fans, email list, and other factors is a goldmine waiting to be discovered. Use this before your competition does!

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