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Become a Household Name with Title Agency Marketing Automation

30 May 2018
30 May 2018, Comments Comments Off on Become a Household Name with Title Agency Marketing Automation

Become a Household Name with Title Agency Marketing Automation

William Shakespeare. Princess Diana. Steve Jobs. Tom Hanks. Everyone knows these names and once spoken, they immediately cause a person to visualize a face, an ideal stood for, or a famous-quoted line. Thousands of different lips around the globe speak their names everyday. These are household names and from head politicians, like Barack Obama, to name brand products, such as Snuggle Fabric Softener, being a household name means power.

This is the kind of power that title agency marketing automation can bring you.

It takes a business an average of seven contacts with a potential lead before they transition from lead to new customer. Why? Because through this regular contact, called marketing touch points, a business becomes well-known. Where the unknown might engender uncertainty and mistrust, when something is well-known to an individual, they feel safe and comfortable. A customer is more willing to give their money and to trust their transactions to a business that they have heard of than one that they have never encountered.

Marketing automation is the way to achieve these seven touches and help your business (be it real estate, banking, lending, etc.) to become a common household name. Emails, tweets, Facebook posts, banner ads and many other automated services will make your business a success as more people know and interact with you. Just a couple clicks of the mouse and your business basically markets itself.

Contact us today for help on setting up your own title agency marketing automation or to attend one of our free live webinars with Chris Ripley.

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