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26 June 2018
26 June 2018, Comments Comments Off on Do It Right to Get it Right – Marketing


If drip campaigns, online marketing and managing the customer relationship were all so easy, every business would be totally successful. Successful title work to ensure a transaction closes on time isn’t always easy, either. Commercial and residential properties have some different title needs, the same goes for old farmland compared to new industrial premises – just to take simple examples. Closing different types of real estate transactions can take different areas of competence and, as you know, isn’t always easy.

The sales and marketing activity that you do to bring in new and continuing orders is not always easy, either, because your marketplace also has differences. Successful title work and effective marketing take particular skills and experience, the right technology and the right know-how.

You are title work specialists, we are title marketing specialists. Our role is to ensure your Title Agency Marketing is done right so you get it right. In previous articles we have discussed how to use social media, making the most of your networking opportunities, employing effective ‘touch’ techniques and others. This time we will review some basics just to reinforce some important points.

The Purpose of the Marketing You Do

You market your competencies, your specialties and what differentiates you from others for one primary reason – to maintain the business you have and to bring in title orders from new clients.

In the bustle of business it’s easy to forget that and just ‘do what you always do’ because it seems to work. Always remember that you market your business to encourage your marketplace:-

• To learn more about you
• To value you and
• To trust you enough to see you as their title company of first choice.

Your Marketplace

Know your market, know the decision-makers in it, know how best to help them to learn, value and trust you. On the surface, that’s easy because they are all people and people are pretty much the same. That is the biggest mistake non-marketers make, so let’s look at that in a little more depth.

Realtors, bankers and attorneys are all people but do they all want to learn the same things about your core competencies? A new Realtor’s learning needs are different from those of a law practice that only occasionally gets involved in real estate transactions. A banker or an independent mortgage lender has different needs from both of them.

If you are going to market to these different sections – in order to bring in more title orders – you cannot simply send them all the same email letter, the same brochure to hand out to their clients or ask them to read the same blog post. If you want these different sectors with different interests to learn, value and trust you, you must satisfy those different needs.

The Time-and-Skill-Saving Solution

Effective marketing demands that you stay on top of what you send out, what you give out, who you give it to, when they get it, and what they get from it. You want your marketing to build strong relationships with each member of each sector you do business with. You must monitor each contact you make so you know what is working. You also want it to be easy and to be part of an integrated whole so it is effective.

As I mentioned at the beginning, effective marketing requires the right system, the right technology and the right know-how to put it in place – and to keep it in place. That is our area of expertise.

I hope you found this review useful. If you did and you would like to find out more about how we can handle your marketing so that it brings in the results you want, please contact us take one of our free seminars and arrange a free consultation. That way we can help make your marketing easy, effective and automatic.

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