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How to Properly Use Social Media As An Effective Form of Marketing for a Title Agency

22 May 2018
22 May 2018, Comments Comments Off on How to Properly Use Social Media As An Effective Form of Marketing for a Title Agency


The world lives, breathes, and spins by technology. As times have changed and science has become almost limitless, the world has become more and more “plugged in.” In order for a company to perfect its Social Media Marketing they must first accept that they are trying to reach those that are “plugged in.” After all, we don’t even have to watch commercials anymore.

So, how do we use social media to promote our business?

First, we figure out who our customer base is and we work from there.

As a title company, our main source of clients are real estate agents, mortgage lenders, attorneys and bankers. So, we want to make sure that we are hitting the correct Social Media sites to ensure full exposure to the correct client.

1. Facebook–everyone is very quick to go to Facebook first and start their marketing there. And, they are correct. Facebook isn’t just for college kids anymore. Moms, Dads, and even Grandmas have a Facebook account. And, thanks to Google ad sharing, your ads will pop-up on the pages of every Facebook user that fits your particular profile, expanding your exposure tenfold.

2. Create, write and rewrite–and by that, I mean create a blog. A company with a blog that includes information about the company as well as testimonials from customers is already a winner in most people’s books. But, if you can find a way to incorporate some blog posts with a comical undertone or posts about funny things that happened at the workplace you have turned a stereotypical “boring” company into one that attracts more customers due to its humor as well as its knowledge.

3. Linked In and Yelp–why do I have both of these websites linked together in to one? Because both serve the same basic purpose. With Linked In, you are able to receive testimonials from past workers for your company. The workers who leave comments tend to leave positive comments about the company. You are also able to post job opportunities on Linked In. In regards to Yelp, this is yet another website where anyone who has ever interacted with your company can leave a “review” of how good or bad you were for them. Even title companies need reviews.

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