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Infusionsoft for Title Companies Demo Video


So, I’m going to go ahead and mute everybody for a short while and get going and then I’ll open it up for questions and that sort of thing. So if you have any questions initially just let me know and I’m going to go ahead and show my screen and mute everybody. And welcome you to the Title Marketing That Works demonstration of Infusionsoft for Title Companies. I’m Chris Ripley. It’s kind of a reopening for Title Marketing That Works.

I’ve worked with title companies and helped them with their marketing and advertising for ten years now. I started actually working with the first title company ten years ago this month. Foote Title here in Waldorf, Maryland. And we had a very successful relationship and we’ve worked on and off for the last ten years and just worked together for about three or four months on a project this summer. So it’s ten years and the last couple of years I’ve focused on growing my Infusionsoft business and one of the elements of growing my Infusionsoft business is creating Infusionsoft for title companies. And really using Infusionsoft which is the number one sales and marketing system for small businesses for title companies. And today what I’m going to do is I’m just going to spend a little bit of time talking about Infusionsoft. I’m going to talk a little bit about my experience with title companies. And then how you can use Infusionsoft to grow your business which is really what I think everybody is here for, is how can I grow my business? How can I get more realtors to bring me deals or how can I, you know, build alliances with mortgage lenders and things like that.

So we’re going to, we’ll talk about that and I’ll show you Infusionsoft and I’ll open it up to the floor so you can ask questions and you can take a look. Infusionsoft, a little bit of history on Infusionsoft. Infusionsoft actually started I think about twelve or thirteen years ago. Time goes so fast I lose track and it could have been, you know, fifteen by now. Anyway, starting off as really an automation system for mortgage lenders. And the, the Clate Mask who is the current CEO or Infusionsoft and Brad Martineau who’s another person at Infusionsoft, started the business…and I may get a little bit wrong here…started the business, you know, kind of boot strapped it with two or three people in their parents’ garage and have built, you know, built it into a business now that has over twenty four thousand companies using Infusionsoft every year. I got Infusion con and every year they have it at a different place because it keeps getting bigger and bigger. They’ve moved to the Phoenix Convention Center. So this year they’ll be thirty five hundred people at Infusioncon.

I’ve always been a follower of Dan Kennedy. I don’t know if any of you all have heard of Dan Kennedy. But Dan Kennedy is an expert, direct marketer, online marketer, written lots of books. And I always heard about Infusionsoft when I’d go to the Dan Kennedy events. I actually made the plunge back in about two thousand eight and had it about six months and earned the notoriety of being called confusion soft. And I actually, you know, at the time I had the Title Marketing That Works sales automation system that worked with ACT and I was thinking that, you know, the world was going online so I need to look at what are the online CRM and, you know, marketing and sales automation systems that were out there and act and activator, some of you that are on the call are familiar with that. If you’re not it was just an automation system that worked with ACT and I had customized for title companies. And so I tried Infusionsoft for about six months for my own business. And I had such a tough time with it and I had, you know, a college student who is my assistant and she had a tough time with is as well. And we eventually abandoned it because it was too hard.


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