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Making Title Agency Social Media Marketing Work Successfully - Part I

24 April 2018
24 April 2018, Comments Comments Off on Making Title Agency Social Media Marketing Work Successfully – Part I


Marketing is a simple process. Even title agency social media marketing

In this first of two articles we will discuss the basics.

Marketing boils down to a formula summed up in four words: Attention – Interest – Desire – Action.

Gain the other person’s attention, raise their interest level then generate enough desire in them to commit to an appropriate action. Ultimately you want their desire to be raised high enough so they commit to the action of using your title agency services.

But the first step is to get them to commit to a simple action. Here are some examples. They want to learn more about something or want to join something or want to receive something or want to contribute to something.

Because when they take their first action – and are satisfied by the result they will want to take the next action and the next until, ultimately, they want to use your services. Remember it normally takes seven ‘touches’ for someone to decide to become one of your title agency clients. You ‘touch’ them with every valid contact you make which is why you attend their association meetings where you can do your networking.

That networking will support your social media marketing – as long as your social media efforts support your in-person touches. And herein lies the problem. Many settlement officers are not marketing experts and so they “do what they see others do” and that is not always all that supportive, so it is not all that successful.

Here is how you set yourself apart from your competition.

Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest are among the most-used social media sites, so individuals set up their page and, well, socialize. It’s fun. It’s nice to stay in contact with friends and clients, so it works. Many title agencies, quite sensibly, set up a business page and then sort of get a little stuck.

They get stuck for a couple of reasons – what do you really do with a business page and where do you get the time to make real use of it?

Always remember this. Your business page is there for two main reasons. First it is there to offer something of value to your existing clients so they keep following you. The second is to offer something of value to prospective clients who do not yet follow you because they don’t really know you. And they must know you so they can like and value you enough to ultimately trust you with a major action like the first piece of title work.

So you must offer them something of value so they click the “Like” or the “Follow” button.

That is the first action you want them to take because after that it is so much easier to keep ‘touching’.

So, to make your social media marketing successful you must provide things which are useful, valuable, and interesting. And then you must “rinse and repeat” to use a common marketing term.

That is where we come in. So as your first step to automate successful social media marketing for your title agency you should ask yourself three simple questions.

Did the headline get my attention?

Did the article raise my interest?

Do I want to learn more?

And now please take an easy action. Contact us so you can learn more.

It really is that simple. Looking forward to hearing from you.

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