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Making Title Agency Social Media Marketing Work Successfully - Part II

19 June 2018
19 June 2018, Comments Comments Off on Making Title Agency Social Media Marketing Work Successfully – Part II


You have your marketing program in place. You are successfully ‘touching’ your clients and prospective clients. The articles and blogs you are posting to your company website and social media pages are beginning to get the results you want – people are looking at them ‘liking’ them and agreeing to ‘follow’ you. You are sending out your postcards and delivering your brochures to the real estate and other offices that have asked you to, so they can give them out to their prospects.

Now you must capitalize on your success and expertly drive it home so you tighten the connections. You want everyone to keep following you and you want to bring in new business.

In this article we will look at how to make the most of your Title Agency Social Media Marketing by discussing how you personally follow up.

Just doing what you have done, so far, will get you some results. The Realtors®, builders, attorneys and others who value your marketing pieces will begin to use your title services. Others will still need more time and, probably, more touches.

Success really comes from going to the next level – and this is an easy way to do that.

Follow these simple steps to encourage more of your prospective clients to give you their first title order. When you next meet someone who is following you on Facebook or LinkedIn, for example, thank them. Ask them a question that will get them talking with you.

Remember, a high quality ‘touch’ is a powerful sales tool. When they talk with you they really get to know you, like you and value you. This encourages them to want to give you business.

  • Ask questions like these, after you make a simple statement such as “Thanks for following me on Facebook/LinkedIn.” Or “Thanks for sharing my articles with your circle of followers”
  • Before you ask the question, set the scene by saying “May I ask” or “Let me ask you something, if I may” or “Do you mind if I ask” (This subconsciously triggers their brain to expect a question, so they actually listen) What do you like most about the articles I write? What did you get out of my latest article? Of all the ones I’ve written, do you have a favorite? What was it about that article that you liked so much?
  • Here are two important points – the questions are sensible and meaningful, not just chit-chat or ‘salesy’. And the other is that by saying “I write” and “My articles” you are personalizing them which will add to your perceived value in the other person’s mind
  • Follow the other person’s line of thought – ask them more about what they say. By asking questions, they keep talking – everyone likes to hear the sound of their own voice – and that puts you both on the same wavelength. It also reinforces, in their mind, that you are special in some way. Most great sales people listen more than they talk, and that’s the reason why.
  • Listen to the detail of what they tell you. If a particular article of yours resonated with them it was probably because of a success or a problem they, or someone they know, had. Congratulate them, sympathize with them, make a suggestion of some sort that might help them in the future.
  • If they shift the conversation round to how your title office might handle a problem like that, tell them. If they just talk, generally, about real estate issues or title work you can mention advantages or benefits of your office. If they do not – that’s fine, there will the next Association meeting or Round Table get-together or local charity event where you’ll meet again. A very a powerful question to ask during a conversation like this would be “Is that a topic you’d like me to write about? What about the new RESPA changes or is there something else you’d like me to cover?” Their answer will put you into overdrive.

These simple steps will set you apart from other title agents. Most will have little sales experience, so they will not be able to develop mature relationships in this way. When you meet your prospective clients at professional gatherings, they don’t want to be sold to, they want to share mutually-important topics. When you follow these steps, you are doing just that.

It is ‘touches’ like these that get you that first title order sooner than you might expect.

Remember, we are here to help you get the most from your marketing, so please contact us – so we can ask each other some questions.

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