UA-306271-1 Marketing Your Title Company Via the Audience Revolution

Marketing Your Title Company Via the Audience Revolution

15 May 2018
15 May 2018, Comments Comments Off on Marketing Your Title Company Via the Audience Revolution

It does not matter whether you are a real estate agent, a mortgage lender, an attorney, or a banker, you want to market your business and build your brand.However, marketing your title company is not easy. It involves making connections at events with other businessmen, paying for clicks online via PPC, using a costly direct marketing scheme that will target thousands of people who do not even have one iota of interest on your business, and many other schemes that may not be working for you.

A better way is to focus on positioning yourself as an expert and building a relationship with an audience that may one day need your services. The book “The Audience Revolution” declares:

“Clients will come to you. Whereas most service entrepreneurs are constantly pounding the pavement (both figuratively and literally) in search of new clients, you won’t have to worry. Clients will find their way to you — after all, you’re the authoritative expert who leads an engaged audience around your subject area, so who better to help them?”

The easiest way to become an expert is to post informative content on your website, a practice also known as blogging. Of course, there are other ways, if you are not very comfortable with writing.


Creating instructional videos on YouTube is a way to position yourself as an expert, and many web searchers find it easier to digest video as opposed to text. You will be giving yourself a real competitive advantage.

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