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Maximize the Effect of Your Title Company Marketing

1 May 2018
1 May 2018, Comments Comments Off on Maximize the Effect of Your Title Company Marketing


As a title company you have the best of both worlds and the worst of both worlds.

Let me explain. You have clients who are loyal and true. They include Realtors, real estate developers, loan officers and attorneys who always refer their clients to you to handle the title search and closing processes. But on the other end of the scale there are many others who never use your title services. This is often because they have always worked with another company or they are new to the business and either don’t know you or don’t know enough about you, the services you offer and the value you deliver.

Your solution is effective title company marketing. You must make best use of your website, social media and blogging. Use effective SEO techniques and new website material – especially as part of an automated process – to achieve that goal of best use. And you should also use traditional marketing methods. Do it well and they will reinforce each other.

How To Make Best Use of Both

Let’s take the example of just one of your target market segments – Realtors. Realtor associations recruit new members and they regularly arrange meetings and put on trade events. These are opportunities for your traditional marketing activities – networking, attending the events, providing lunches and supplying the gifts and prizes that are offered to members.

This keeps you involved in your market community and top-of-mind, at least for a while. Many title companies who do this then get five minutes to present their services to the assembled group. This reinforces the relationship with existing clients and introduces you to potential new clients. But does it maximize the impact?

It would be much more valuable to use those five minutes to describe how Realtors could use your marketing materials to market themselves. Every real estate office likes to offer free brochures to potential sellers and buyers, so give them yours to use with their own prospects. Or explain how they can use the blogs posted on your website to stay on top of their own business. Many smaller real estate offices rely on associated companies, like yours, to deliver training and education to their agents. Tell them to use your blogs on their own website (with your contact details being shown) to educate their potential clients.

Realtors are busy people and many do not have the time or the ability to produce this sort of material, so if they can use yours it will encourage two things. The first is they will see you and your company as offering real value to them and their business and the second is that you really will stay top-of-mind as they use and request more of your marketing material. And the more of your own marketing they interact with the more they will learn to like, trust and respect you.

And that will generate more title business.

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