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Maximize Your Title Agency Marketing By Widening Your Inner Circle (Part I)

7 August 2018
7 August 2018, Comments Comments Off on Maximize Your Title Agency Marketing By Widening Your Inner Circle (Part I)


In previous articles we have discussed your marketplace and the individuals in it. We said that your marketing must help those individuals to get to know you, learn about you and your services, value what you offer – and grow to trust you enough to want to give you their next title order. After that you want them to keep raising title orders. You want to become their title agent of first choice.

Almost any Title Agency Marketing you do to your established clientele is valuable. It encourages those individual Realtors, loan officers and attorneys to keep raising title orders with you. We’ll call these your “inner circle”. You must always market to your inner circle. You must also continue to ‘touch’ them as part of your in-person networking to reinforce your marketing. Your marketing, in turn, will reinforce your face-to-face networking.

If, however, you focus too much on your inner circle you must rely on them growing their business in order for you to grow yours. It’s that simple – they get more clients and they pass the additional closings to you. To be in control of growing your business you must do more. You must market to people who are not yet raising any – or enough – new title orders.

So, in this first article we will focus on the people in your target market so you widen your inner circle. Once you have found these individuals, you market to them. The result will be that, in time, they will want you to be their title agent of choice.

The first – and easiest – thing for you to do is this. Decide who you do most business with now, and look for more people like them. Sit down with your team and make simple profile lists of your inner circle. Decide why they give you title orders. If you aren’t sure – ask them. Ask them as part of your networking chats. Ask them, more formally, through email surveys or via your social media blogs. In this way you start to build your list of potential, new inner circle members. In addition, you keep ‘touching’ your existing inner circle with news, views, opinions, and ideas. Your target market will also see these ‘touches’ which, in turn, reinforces your ‘rifle-shot’ messages that go, specifically, to them.

Doing all of these things, plus using your profile lists effectively, creating and distributing email campaigns, and capitalizing on your social media posts is where we come in.

We will manage all of your marketing for you – to your current inner circle and to your target market. We will monitor the results, and we will keep you fully up-to-date. By doing that you make best use of your sales and marketing time. We are the experts in helping you to widen your inner circle – so you can grow your business in the most effective way. Contact us by clicking here and we will show you how to get the results you want.

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