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2 October 2018
2 October 2018, Comments Comments Off on How Often Should You Email Your List?

How Much is Too Much When It Comes to Emailing Your Lists?

So how frequently should you communicate with your email lists? That’s a common question for marketers getting started with email marketing. On one hand you don’t want to alienate the very people you’re working to charm, but at the same time you wish to be able to deliver top-notch, relevant content to help keep you and your business front of mind when they require your services, or when you need to market to them.

The fact is there’s not a standard answer. One business might need to communicate a lot more than another, while another might need to send just enough to stay in mind. So let’s have a quick look at some of the principles you need to take into consideration when finding that perfect number for your business.

So how often do you email your lists?

Understand first that everyone’s email inbox is a battlefield: oodles of messages vying for consideration. To stick out from the herd, you have to follow a few rules.

The best case scenario for any business is to build up a long-term relationship with your list, one where you are trusted and your opinions respected. If you can achieve this email Nirvana, you’ll be able to send out sales pitches now and then and not be thought of as a scummy marketer.

The way to make this occur is by delivering excellent value in your non-sales emails, and be truly interested in passing along the best tips and information you are aware of, so as to further engender, know, like and trust in them. First and foremost, please don’t sell in every email.

That said and hopefully accomplished, it seems like a frequency of somewhere in the neighborhood of 2-3 times a week is ideal. Any more seems intrusive, and less not quite enough. Moreover, if you mail every single day (or more) finding vibrant, valuable content for your emails becomes quite challenging.

The truth is that once you get rolling, your audience will quickly show you how much is too much, and you’ll be able to tell by metrics like open rates, unsubscribe, and heaven forbid, spam complaints. Tune in to your audience, put yourself in their shoes, and you identify that optimum number of times to email.

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