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Successful Title Company Marketing Automation

10 July 2018
10 July 2018, Comments Comments Off on Successful Title Company Marketing Automation
Successful Title Company Marketing Automation

General ‘The Bear’ Schwarzkopf once said “Shined shoes save lives.”

What he meant by that was if you are disciplined and you carry out each detail of each assigned task correctly – and on time – then you will be successful. Discipline in title work – and in marketing your title company – is just as important.

As a title agent you know better than most how important attention to detail is. Doing your searches right most of the time or following the chain of title “when you can” is not at all acceptable. You do it right first time, on time, every time. That is why your clients trust you and do business with you.

Getting your marketing right also takes discipline, experience and total commitment. It is what keeps you and your company ‘top-of-mind’.

Successful title company work is what you do – Successful Title Company Marketing Automation is what we do.

Successful marketing today means you must do lots of things right. You use email to communicate with clients and prospects. You want your clients and prospective clients to ‘follow’ you on Facebook and on LinkedIn. You want them to look for, read and get real benefit from your blog posts. You want to reinforce all that by making best use of your Twitter account. In today’s ‘visual’ world, people in your marketplace who don’t know you very well might just run a search on You Tube to see how you come across. After all, it’s not just the real estate agent, the attorney and the mortgage broker who you want to impress. It’s also the seller and sometimes the buyer of properties because the FSBO marketplace is always active.

Getting your marketing right at that level of detail takes skill, experience and systems. You want your marketing dollars to generate inbound leads because your market sees your company as a leader, staffed by experts and dedicated professionals. Automating your marketing is where we come in to drive home that message on your behalf.

We can make sure that your general marketing strategy and your specific marketing campaigns run like clockwork – on time, every time. That is what builds subliminal trust, and it is why marketing tasks must be executed properly. We can make sure that the segments of your market that you want to target are the segments that you actually target.

We’d love to discuss marketing automation with you, so you can see just how powerful it is. Please contact us so we can begin the process. We deliver free seminars on title company marketing because we want you to know us, like us and trust us enough to win your business. We look forward to hearing from you – let’s keep those shoes shined.

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