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Enhance the SMM of your Title Agency Marketing with LinkedIn

8 May 2018
8 May 2018, Comments Comments Off on Enhance the SMM of your Title Agency Marketing with LinkedIn

Talk to any expert about Title Agency Marketing, and the topic of social media will inevitably pop up. It’s true, social media has become an important part of our lives, as everyone from teenagers to mid-career professionals spends hours every week perusing their favorite social networks.

But if you’re looking to promote the services of your title agency, social media marketing should be more than just a buzzword. It can only be effective and helpful for your business when done well, and part of that means picking the channels (or networks) that your target audience actually uses frequently. For title agencies, that’s what makes LinkedIn such an important social media marketing tool.

The Right Audience for Title Agency Marketing purposes

In marketing circles, LinkedIn is known as the most “professional” social network. That’s because it’s audience consists largely for professional purpose, acting as a networking tool between and within a wide range of industries. Unlike alternatives like Facebook and Twitter, users sign on and browse the network for professional, career-related reasons rather than (or, depending on your viewpoint, in addition to) personal enjoyment. As such, it’s a perfect marketing tool for title agencies, who can reach real estate agents, mortgage lenders, attorneys and even bankers as they’re spending time researching or networking.

The Right Methods

Like most social networks, LinkedIn offers “traditional” marketing methods like native advertisements, company pages and organic posts. But the network takes the opportunities a step beyond: groups allow professionals to network with others in their industry, while long-form posts (essentially blog posts that are automatically promoted within LinkedIn) can significantly increase exposure.

Together, these two tools allow title agencies to build credibility and thought leadership within their field, allowing them to analyze and discuss current industry and legal trends in title insurance. Though more indirect than traditional news feed or sidebar ads, groups and long-form ads can make a significant different in the long run when establishing your title agency as a go-to for your target audience.

In short, when utilized correctly, LinkedIn can be a great social media marketing tool for your title agency marketing strategy. Contact us today to learn more about how to use it to your advantage!

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