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Social Media Management Package

How many times have you said “I want to have a Facebook page for my title company” or “I wish we would show up higher on Google when I search”? Many small business owners and managers have said this. But they don’t know where to begin and they sure don’t have an extra few hours a week they thing it might take to do it right. That’s where we can come in.

Our Title Company Marketing Social Media Marketing Management package is all you need to be sure you have a strong online presence for your title company. We will create your online presence and manage that presence on a regular basis. All you do is serve the new customers we bring to you.

In our social media marketing package we:

1. Create Gmail account for marketing management.

2. Create Twitter feed with custom background.

3. Create Linkedin profile (if necessary).

4. Set-up Google+/Places local business page.

5. Update Facebook page for lead capture business driving

6. Create custom YouTube channel and create two videos over two-month period.

7. Create HootSuite account to manage social media. Account automatically feeds one social media post to your Linkedin and Twitter account.

8. Training on all tools.

9. Start two posts per week in second month.

All of this for only:

$500 a month for two months then for $350 a month.

Monthly social media management:

Meet monthly and plan month’s social media marketing efforts in coordination with company marketing efforts. Includes weekly posts to all social media and blogs ($100 extra for blog content generation), content for discussions, monthly progress reports. Mobile app hosting. One video per month. $350 a month after two month set-up.


Additional 10X10X4 complete video series for YouTube SEO – includes 10 frequently asked questions videos, 10 should ask question videos, and four others – shot within 3 months of purchase – distribute on YouTube 2 per week. $2500. 5X5X4 – $1500.

Individual videos – 2 minimum – $250, then $125 per video. $500 minimum for on location shooting.

Weekly blog posts – $100 and month and up depending on topic

WordPress Blog and Web site – $1000 for basic 5 page site with user supplied content. Includes Google SEO, Backup-Buddy, Plug-ins. Easy content management with high SEO capabilities. The best choice for a small business Web site.