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Keap for Title Companies

How to Automate Your Title Company’s Marketing

73% of All Sales Leads Take More Than 30 Days to Become Clients

Keap for Title Companies helps make you the “top-of-mind” title company in your market.

Experts say it takes at least 7 touches before a prospect will trust you enough to consider doing business with you. Half of the salespeople give up after the first touch and 80% give up by the third touch. By the time you get to the seventh touch you have a 90% chance of being called when your prospect needs a title company. Automate your prospect contacts and reminders and get seven touches (or more) with EVERY prospect.

Just think about automating your client contact and never having a client leave you for another title company. Referrals are your number one source of new clients. Imagine automating your “ask for referral” process. How many more referrals could you get every year?

Our 170 customized and personalized letters and action notices provide the system you need to automate your marketing efforts. Prospects won’t fall through the cracks. No more managing your follow-up with a stack of business cards. You‘ll market just like you process a settlement – with a system.

Keap for Title Companies:

  • Prevents prospects from “falling through the cracks”.
  • Keeps in contact with 10-20 times more prospects (sales is a numbers game—the more people you contact, the more sales you will make)
  • Keeps your current customers coming back
  • Increases your referrals

Price Includes:

  • Custom campaigns for real estate agents, lenders, and more in your Infusionsoft Application
  • Set-up Application including Branding Center, Dashboard, and Installation of Campaigns
  • Customization of letters to your company
  • Kickstart Training (six hours in the first 6 weeks then 30 minutes every month)
  • Monthly Mastermind group calls with tips and tricks for using the system.


The Deal

$499 set-up and training, and $99 a month, no commitment, one user, 500 contacts


  • Two hour-long online sessions to set-up your keap and teach you how to get the most value from it
  • Customized campaigns for lead generation, prospect nurturing, client nurturing, and referral generating.
  • Turn-key – When we’re done you will be ready to make more money (if not sooner)!
  • Free Bonus – three months of our weekly email newsletter service – $297 value

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